Bud Box

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Budbox is a high-quality lacquer box that not only serves as an organizer for your marijuana storage needs, but is also a high-end decorative piece for the bougie stoner. Of course, this product is not limited to being used for marijuana storage. 


The box is designed to hold 1 grinder2 generic canisters of weed, and plenty of space for more accessories such as rolling paper, lighters, pipes, and so on.


Budbox comes in two colors:

Midnight Blue

Army Green


It’s easy to get organized

Don’t worry about ever having to look for your grinder again. Medbox has three customized compartments to simplify stash and accessory storage.


Discreet doesn’t always have to mean hidden

A centerpiece for the living room table or perched on a display shelf, MedBox is a stylish decorative piece designed to keep your stash hidden in plain sight and always within reach.